Hulu+ is Coming to the PS3 This Year

Hulu+ is Coming to the PS3 This Year


The on-demand video streaming service Hulu Plus was recently announced. Hulu, in case you didn’t know, is a video streaming website that is already being enjoyed by millions. This new service is premium, being brought to HD consoles and various devices including the iPhone.

There are more than one hundred different providers for the service, delivering more than one thousand programs. What’s more is that it even offers HD programming for those with the option available. The monthly fee is $9.99, though it is speculated that multiple packages will be available similar to Xbox Live. While there is no launch date for the service, it is confirmed that it’s “coming soon”.

The Xbox 360 launch of Hulu Plus is expected in 2011.  Other upcoming mediums for the new service include iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung TVs, Samsung Blu Ray players, Sony TVs, Sony Blu Ray players, Visio TVs and Visio Blu Ray players.There is no confirmed date for the launch of the service across these devices.