Hulu is Nintendo Switch’s First Media App, Available for Download Now

Hulu is Nintendo Switch’s First Media App, Available for Download Now

Hulu is officially coming to Nintendo Switch today, making it the first streaming platform to come to the popular handheld system.

Players who want more out of their Nintendo Switch will finally get just that — today the popular streaming service Hulu was released on the handheld console, marking the Switch’s first multimedia app to come since launch.

The news was initially revealed in Nintendo’s weekly email, much to the confusion of fans who weren’t expecting the streaming service to be a part of this week’s update. A few hours later, the news was officially unveiled by the Vice President of Products at Hulu, Richard Irving, in a blog post on the website.

The best part about all of this is that it’s available to download right now, completely free of charge, from the Nintendo Switch’s eShop. Players will, of course, still need to purchase a Hulu subscription in order to use the app, with prices ranging anywhere from $7.99 to $39.99.

The release of Hulu on Nintendo Switch is an absolutely awesome addition. When DualShockers reviewed the Nintendo Switch around launch, we noted that the hardware felt underbaked due to lack of other media apps that are now commonplace on game consoles. Hopefully this new addition of Hulu, other streaming services like Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime video will start making their move to court the Nintendo fanbase.