Human Fall Flat is Going ‘Dark’ With a Free PC Update Coming Monday December 10

Human Fall Flat is Going ‘Dark’ With a Free PC Update Coming Monday December 10

Human Fall Flat is back with a 'Dark' update on December 10 which includes creepy mansions and clock towers in the night.

During the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, Curve Digital announced new DLC for the puzzle-platformer, Human Fall Flat. Appropriately called Dark, the ragdoll physics game is getting a level in the dark with creepy puzzles and obstacles. The DLC is coming to Steam for free, beginning December 10, 2018.

Featured locations in the trailer are an old clock tower, a mansion, and a cave with a rail cart. All of these are within this nighttime setting with dimly lit lanterns throughout out the level. It will be interesting to see what hidden mysteries and obstacles are within these setpieces.

Also shown are some spooky skins including a skeleton and a witch to match the aesthetic. The trailer also features a light but creepy soundtrack that fits in well with the spooky theme. This all seems a little late for December, however. I feel this may have been more appropriate for perhaps, I don’t know, Halloween? [Editor’s Note: Or perhaps they are going for a Nightmare Before Chrismas motif? ~LC].

Either way, it’s a great way to get some friends together to play this fun ragdoll platformer. And you can’t really complain about free DLC. You can be sure to download the Dark DLC pack for Human Fall Flat on Monday, December 10th.

If you’re thinking about playing this online for your Nintendo Switch, read up on the recent patch update that fixes some bugs. Human Fall Flat is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One; as mentioned above, the free update comes on December 10th (though currently only on PC). Check out the trailer below: