Human: Fall Flat Brings Online Multiplayer Madness in New Update

Human: Fall Flat Brings Online Multiplayer Madness in New Update

Human: Fall Flat takes its unique ragdoll puzzle-solving antics online in the latest PlayStation 4 update along with new items to customize your character.

What happens when you bring ragdoll physics to the modern console era and add in puzzles for players to solve? You get a crazy little title called Human: Fall Flat. How do you make this concept even crazier? You add in online multiplayer, of course!

Originally released in the summer of 2016, Human: Fall Flat takes the unintentional ragdoll effect of yesteryear and applies it to a clever puzzle format with hilarious results. A new update has just launched on PlayStation 4 that will allow you to play online with friends. The trailer below shows players merrily flopping and falling as they attempt to jump or swing across canyons to reach their destination. Players can also grab hold of one another by the hand creating long chains of wobbly humans.

Along with the online multiplayer being added to the ever-popular title, there are also extra items available to customize your character. Your “Bob” can be dressed up in 16 new suits and hairstyles as he tries to cling to falling vehicles. There are also two new character models; a crash test dummy and a dog with a permanently oblivious look on its face.

Human: Fall Flat is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Linux. Check out the multiplayer trailer below: