Human Head’s New Game Minimum Leaves Early Access

Human Head’s New Game Minimum Leaves Early Access

We might not be getting Prey 2 any time soon, but that doesn’t mean Human Head Studios isn’t producing new and interesting games.

Minimum, developed by the Wisconsin based development studio most well known for its work on Prey, has left Early Access on Steam today. The game is a twitch-based third person shooter with elements akin to modern MOBAs. Players must kill creep NPCs to fuel the energy of your teams massive Titan NPC. Get enough energy from farming and you can escort your Titan all the way to the enemy teams side of the map and crush the core in their base to win.

The game is all wrapped in a minimal art style, reminiscent of Legos or a prettier Minecraft. Players can wield flaming swords, chain guns, assault rifles and more as you barrel on through the beautiful simple environments of the game’s world.

To celebrate the release, the game is temporarily on sale for 50% off, making it yours to own for only a paltry $4.99. I’ve literally spent more on the McDonalds dollar menu than that, and I’m pretty sure this is a better value and it’ll definitely last you longer

Minimum is available for PC and can be picked up over on Steam.