4X Strategy Game Humankind Shows Terrain Changes in Latest Video Update

4X Strategy Game Humankind Shows Terrain Changes in Latest Video Update

How will Amplitude's upcoming 4X title Humankind change the way terrain is used in a Civilization-esque environment?

Humankind, the new 4X game coming from Amplitude Studios, already looks promising. Amplitude is wildly successful when it comes to creating complex systems through which players can micromanage an eventual empire. Just look at Endless Space 2, which I’ve played for nearly 50 hours without completing a single game. Their titles are intimidating but incredibly fun to master. Now imagine that energy being brought towards a game that’s meant to compete against Civilization VI, and you’ve got Humankind.

The game has been in development for a while now, but there’s not been much noise from Amplitude about it. However, from a recently uploaded new video, we’ve learned more about how the game will treat one of the most important parts of a 4X title – terrain.

At face level, the terrain in Humankind looks and sounds like it works extremely similar to terrain in Civilization, but there are some major differences. First off, tiles don’t yield resources like food or production, but also luxury goods and resources that can fuel an economy. There’s also a direct tie-in between exploration and terrain. If you’re traveling through valleys, line of sight will be limited, while you’ll find more on high ground. Naturally, terrain also affects combat. Besides ranged units being able to exploit water tiles that melee units can’t cross, there are also height advantages. Having your units attack one on the low ground will reap some reward, although it’s not clear what that is.

There’s still plenty to learn about Humankind as it develops. If you want to stay in the loop, you can always subscribe to the Humankind YouTube channel or stay posted here. Humankind launches this year on PC and Mac.