Humble Bundle Discovers the Price of Generosity

Humble Bundle Discovers the Price of Generosity

Yes, the Humble Indie Bundle is an amazing deal. Separately, the 12 games that are part of this charity auction of sorts would cost $165. The average sale, as of the time of my writing this post, was $5.17. But some folks were taking unfair advantage of the generous offer to download these titles well below the average sale price with bids of … one cent?

As the Humble Bundle blog reported, folks were offering just one copper Lincoln for the set. And it wasn’t just for the games, either. Some of the one-cent purchases were being used to take advantage of Valve’s raffle promotion. This prompted an initiative to require a minimum donation of $1 to obtain the Steam keys for each game.

In keeping with the spirit of the sale, its organizers are asking anyone who believes they can’t afford the $1 price tag for the bundle to contact them individually to make an appeal. Considering many of these games are critically acclaimed and have seen substantial investments from the developers and publishers, that’s probably not an outrageous request on the Humble Indie Bundle team’s part.

Fortunately for the people who but the bundle together, there are people out there with the opposite mindset. One contributor paid $6,500 for the whole enchilada. That’s more than $500 per game.

You can download the Humble Indie Bundle here.

The full list of games now includes:

Gratuitous Space Battles
Cave Story+
Bit.Trip Runner
Super Meat Boy
NightSky HD
Crayon Physics Deluxe
And Yet It Moves