Humble Indie Bundle 13 Revealed; Over 100 Games Have Now Been Ported to Linux Through Humble Bundle

October 28, 2014

The folks over at the Humble Bundle have pulled back the curtains on Humble Indie Bundle 13, but more importantly, have revealed that they have now helped over 100 games get ported to Linux through their service.

In a new Humble Mumble blog post, the team wrote about how after bringing three games to Linux with this latest bundle (Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Risk of Rain and Tower of Guns) that the total number of games they have helped receive ports to Linux has exceeded 100. In order to help make that a possibility, they’ve worked with several different talented developers and even have brought on a full-time in-house porter to bring more games to more platforms.


In the post, they said the following:

Before including a game in a Humble Indie Bundle we make many considerations: is the game cross-platform? Is it DRM-free? If a game isn’t quite there but could use an extra helping hand, we step in and make it happen.

Humble Bundle works with numerous porters to help bring games over to Mac, Linux, Android and now to the Web with asm.js. Porting isn’t easy, either. It takes time, money and skilled individuals to get games up and running on other systems. The vast majority of games we help port are from indie developers who may not have the resources necessary to do the ports themselves. With products like the Steam Machine on the horizon, the demand of having games available on multiple platforms becomes more important every day.

Bringing more games to more people is never a bad thing and I salute them for their contribution in this regard over the past few years. What is even more commendable though is the sweet new bundle that they have for you just in time for Halloween. Humble Indie Bundle 13 features OlliOlli, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Tower of Guns for whatever price you want to pay with Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Jazzpunk and four copies of Risk of Rain if you break the current average of $6.18. Those that pay over $12 will get all of the previous games plus Shadowrun Returns and the high spenders that surpass $65 will get all of the games plus a special Fangamer assembled bundle of exclusive trading cards, a cassette tape featuring soundtracks from the included games and a Humble Indie Bundle 13 hoodie.

This bundle is brimming with awesome games and more will be added in the future, so act fast and get the bundle while you can as it will only be around for two weeks. You can checkout a brand new trailer for the bundle below.

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