Humble’s Jumbo Bundle 11 Will Test Gamer’s Brainpower

Humble’s Jumbo Bundle 11 Will Test Gamer’s Brainpower

Humble's Jumbo Bundle 11 offers a slew of video games that test a gamer's intellectual power, with all the proceeds going to a great cause at the end.

Video games are all about having fun and allow players to take a breather from anything that may be stressing them out in life. However, sometimes there are video games that are released that provide other challenges from the average “test your hand-eye coordination” by testing a gamer’s intellect. That being said, those who wish to check their intellectual power (and support a great cause) should consider Humble’s Jumbo Bundle 11.

For the next two weeks,  the Jumbo Bundle 11 will be up for grabs. According to the store page, all proceeds made from this Humble Bundle will be donated to Extra Life/Children’s Miracle Network, a fundraising event that donates all its profits to various Children’s Miracle Network Hospital branches.

The Jumbo Bundle 11 offers three tiers with each one unlocking certain games depending on how much you give. Gamers who pay at least $1 or more will receive Steam keys for Domina, Kingdom: New Lands, and Rusty Lake: Roots.  Those who pay $5.04  Tropico 5, Tropico 5 – Espionage, Tropico 5 – Waterborne, Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You, N++ (NPLUSPLUS), and additional games, which have yet to be revealed as well as the $1 tier games. Lastly, those who pay $15+ will receive all the games from the other two tiers in addition to Obduction.

Currently, the Jumbo Bundle 11 has sold 41,728 (and counting) bundles with over 210,000 dollars raised at the time of writing.

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