Humble Wild Frontier Bundle Offers Eclectic Outdoor Selection

on April 26, 2017 3:09 PM

Some of Humble Bundle’s offerings are more cohesive than others. While the THQ Nordic Bundle and Star Wars Humble Bundle seem to flaunt an easily-recognizable theme, some bundles — like the latest Humble “Wild Frontier” Bundle are a little less rigid.

As you would imagine by the name, the Humble Wild Frontier Bundle focuses on games that take place in great outdoor expanses, be they tundras or the wild west. All of the games are supposed to tap into your craving for “off-road adventure.”

To move along with that underlying theme, the project the bundle is helping to fund is “charity: water” — a non profit organization working to get safe drinking water to developing countries.

For simply paying $1, players will be able to nab Gods Will Be WatchingIce Lakes, and Fronteirs, as well as 10% off of Humble’s monthly subscription — Humble Monthly.

Meanwhile, for paying the average (which is $7.01 at the time of writing) players can get Hard WestRenowned Explorers: International Society, and SPRINTIRES. 

Finally, for the premium price of $13, people can get all of the above and Slime Rancher in Early Access. Check out the full deal here.

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