Humorous Bug in World of Warcraft Creates New Black Death

on September 16, 2012 7:02 PM

That’s right, folks: those wacky World of Warcraft players have done it again.

Those of you that played in the good old days of Vanilla (and oh, were those the days) might remember a certain player-borne plague that was spawned from a bug. The Corrupted Blood endemic was the bane of many a noob, myself included on several occasions, and caused both hilarity and endless tears on the community’s part.

Said sentiments were renewed this weekend with a bug that allowed Death Knights to plague fellow players. This time, though, the devs of Blizzard were fast to find a fix. A hotfix was released early in the morning that removed the bug, which prevented it from becoming the second coming of Corrupted Blood – but who knows, maybe there will be another loophole someday.

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