Hundreds of Final Fantasy XIV Players Gather in Vigils to Remember the Victims of Paris Terror Attacks

Hundreds of Final Fantasy XIV Players Gather in Vigils to Remember the Victims of Paris Terror Attacks

MMORPGs aren’t just environment where to play together with fellow gamers, but also to make friends and form bonds. At times, they also become places where many gather to express their support and remembrance after tragic events that happen in the real world.

It happened in the past, both when individual players lost their lives, or when broader tragedies affected many.

On Friday night, Paris was hit at the core by terrorists that aimed to disrupt our way of life. And it’s not just about France. It’s about the freedom to be whoever we want, study whatever we want, enjoy whatever we want, love whoever we want, say whatever we want, and worship whatever we want. And yes, it’s also about the freedom to play whatever we want.

And again, MMORPG players gathered to remember and honor the victims, and to express their will to oppose those who would like to see those freedoms removed or disrupted.

Hundreds of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players gathered across several servers in the amphitheater of Gridania. Those portrayed below are just a small percentage of the pictures that I could gather with the help of our new Staff Writer Morgane Bouvais. Many other joined across other servers.

Similar vigils were held on other games, from World of Warcraft to Guild Wars 2, RIFT, EVE Online and many more. We represent Final Fantasy XIV here because it is where we personally witnessed the outpouring of support for the victims of Paris, but our hearts are with all.

Here at DualShockers we gather writers of multiple religious beliefs and nationalities, children of cultures from all over the world. This site is home to Christians, Muslims, Atheists and many shades of color in-between, and that is further amplified by you, our readers.

Morgane was in Paris, on Friday night, just a couple of miles from the Bataclan. She was scared and shaken, but yesterday she was on her feet again, ready to join millions in saying that we won’t give up our freedom, both in real life and in Final Fantasy. We join hands with her to relay that message, and even more importantly, to remember and honor those who aren’t with us anymore. We sincerely hope that you will as well.








The pictures above were gathered from the Final Fantasy XIV official forums, the Final Fantasy XIV France Facebook group, the Final Fantasy XI & XIV !! Facebook group, and contributed by Michael aka Zorang Terrox, Fat Chocobo and Loha.