Hungrybox Issues Apology For Smash Ultimate Comments

Hungrybox Issues Apology For Smash Ultimate Comments

Hungrybox has apologised after objectifying one of the new Smash DLC characters.

Hungrybox, a professional Super Smash Bros. player has suffered backlash for his recent comments towards a new character in the Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC. You can find the apology in the player’s tweet below.

Who Is Hungrybox?

Juan Manuiel DeBiedma, who is better know as ‘Hungrybox’, is a professional Super Smash Bros. player. The 27 year old from Argentina is a frequent Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and esports commentator.

Juan has over three-hundred thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel, and over two-hundred and fifty thousand on his Twitch channel. The majority of his content revolves around Super Smash Bros.

What Happened?

Hungrybox recently uploaded a video reacting to new DLC coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The video not only originally featured a thumbnail of Pyra’s breasts zoomed in, but also objectifies the character throughout. The YouTuber made various comments towards the body characteristics of Pyra and Mythra.

After the video went live, he received a large amount of backlash from members of the Super Smash Bros. community. One of the most notable comments came from professional player Jestise ‘MVD’ Negron. The pro player tweeted about the situation stating he had previously banned someone from his stream for talking about the body of Super Smash character. He went on to say:

” My mom watches my stream, one of my mods/subs is a girl. I just want people to be respectful. Life isn’t a boys club.”

It seems that Hungrybox understands his recent comments could have been construed as hurtful and misogynistic. In his Twitter thread apology, the pro player said he or any other content creator shouldn’t encourage the objectification of women, even if it’s of a video game character.

What Will Happen Next?

Juan’s sponsor, Team Liquid has yet to acknowledge the video or the apology. It is possible that further backlash from Juan’s sponsor could come his way soon.