HuniePop 2's Final Character is the Tomboy Ashley

Even though it wasn't the character many expected, Ashley has now rounded out the cast of the upcoming HuniePop 2.

December 19, 2018

After a long wait for many fans, developer HuniePot finally revealed the final character that will be arriving in the upcoming HuniePop 2 and it’s not one that many expected it to be.

While many thought that Audrey may end up being the final character in HuniePop 2’s cast, the newly announced Ashley was instead today revealed as the final character that will be joining the dating game. Ashley is an original character of HuniePot’s lead artist and comes donning a Stay Black t-shirt, thick-rimmed glasses, and some iconic red hair.

Here’s Ashley’s character description as given from HuniePot themselves:


Ashley’s a super chill, tomboyish type of girl with a dirty sense of humor. When she’s not busy modeling for the Stay Black fashion brand, she’s doing shows with her indie band.

As the final character in the game, Ashley now joins previously revealed characters such as the “MILF” Brooke and returning characters from the first game Lola and Jessie. Even though we still don’t have a release date for HuniePop 2, seeing this full cast has now surely made fans all the more excited for its impending launch next year.

HuniePop 2 is set to release in 2019 on both PC and Mac. Currently, options to release the game on other platforms are still being considered.

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