Hunt Dinosaurs Like A Pro With Carnivores HD

Hunt Dinosaurs Like A Pro With Carnivores HD

If, when you saw Jurassic Park, you thought “It’d be awesome to shoot one of those things,” then Vogster Entertainment’s newly released Carnivores HD is the game for you.

A hunting simulator set to mimic a wildlife environment realistically, Carnivores HD is a game made up of levels set on various islands, all about two square miles in size, that feature unique environments, including deserts, jungles, volcanic islands and deep forests, and daytime, evening and misty day and night settings.

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The Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Pterandodons and dreaded T-Rex will be available to hunt in the game, along with the small and peaceful Gallimimuses. These animals will all make use of their senses to hunt and forage for food, and all in a different way each other. The way one dinosaur sees, hears and smells will depend entirely on the weather conditions, the environment, and how health a creature is. If the creature is wounded, it will respond in fear to your presence. If a herbivore is near to a carnivore, it will run away. Each animal will eat, sleep and wander around the world like real animals.

To hunt these legendary and titanic beasts, you will be given a rifle, sniper rifle and crossbow, armed with each live rounds or tranquilizer darts depending on your preference, if you’d rather let the animals live while you explore their world. For players who would rather not hunt, their is an Observer Mode made solely for exploration and observation. Players will also have a device called Gadget, which enables them to locate dinosaurs by sound on their radar.

Carnivores HD is available today in the PlayStation Store for the PS3.

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Source: PlayStation Blog