Hunt: Showdown Finally Comes to PS4 in February

Hunt: Showdown Finally Comes to PS4 in February

Hunt: Showdown also has a new publisher on consoles in Koch Media moving forward.

After launching on Xbox One and PC last year, Crytek has finally announced when those on PS4 will be able to get their hands on the multiplayer shooter Hunt: Showdown.

Detailed today on Crytek’s website, it was revealed that the long-awaited PS4 iteration of Hunt: Showdown will finally drop on February 18, 2020. This version of the game was originally supposed to arrive last fall, but was eventually delayed indefinitely.

Alongside finally announcing the PS4 launch date, Crytek also revealed that Hunt: Showdown now has a new publisher on consoles. Moving forward, Koch Media will serve as the publisher of the game across both Xbox One and PS4. Crytek will still continue to serve as the publisher for the title on PC for Steam, however.

“With Koch handling the publishing side of things, our development team can put all of their focus on continuing to develop and optimize Hunt across platforms, together with our community,” Crytek’s CEO Avni Yerli said in a statement on the company’s website. “While we focus on development, Koch will apply their immense digital and retail publishing expertise to the title, supporting the game’s continued growth. We can’t wait to see what PlayStation players think of the game, and to continue to bring new content to all our players in the coming year.”

As for what’s next with Hunt: Showdown, it was also revealed today that more content will soon be arriving in-game. The forthcoming Update 1.2 will bring random teams of three, new Legendary Hunters, an improved tutorial, and additional weapons to the experience. Bugs and other general improvements are also said to be coming, too.

We reviewed Hunt: Showdown when it arrived last year and greatly enjoyed our time with it. If Crytek continues to update the game even more in the coming months and years, it should only continue to become an even better multiplayer experience over that time.