Hunt: Showdown Receives Crossbows, Spectator Mode, and More in Update 2.1

Hunt: Showdown Receives Crossbows, Spectator Mode, and More in Update 2.1

Crytek release update 2.1 for Hunt: Showdown on PC today, which adds new weapons like crossbows, heavy fog, and a spectator mode.

Back during E3 2018, developer Crytek teased a lot of new content for their multiplayer FPS Hunt: Showdown. Some of this content already arrived back in June via Update 2. Now, a few weeks later, the developer has released update 2.1, which adds the rest of the previously announced content to the game.

Update 2.1 clocks at a hefty 1.8 GB, but does bring a lot of new stuff to the game. First off, this update adds several new weapons to the game, including the Crossbow, Throwing Knives, Poisonhand Crossbow, Sparks and Winfield weapons with silences, a Combat Axe, and a Specter with a bayonett. Two new traits, Bolt Thrower and Bolt Seer, have also been added to assist those who opt to use the crossbow.

The studio has also added two community requested features with this update, heavy fog on maps during some mission types, and a Spectator Mode for those who die during a match, a fairly standard feature that was missing. Loic Raimond, Live Service Producer of Hunt: Showdown, had the following to say about working with the community to improve the game:

“Seeing the reactions of the community and working closely with their feedback to fine-tune the direction of the game has been an incredible process. “It feels like a truly collaborative process, and the game is all the better—and more fun—for it.”

You can check out the full list of patch notes on the game’s Steam Page. Hunt: Showdown is currently available via Early Access on PC. If you want to see DualShockers’ impressions of the new content from E3, you can check out our preview.