Hunt: Showdown Receives New Equipment, Death Screen, and More in Update 2

Hunt: Showdown Receives New Equipment, Death Screen, and More in Update 2

Crytek released Update 2 for Hunt: Showdown on PC, adding weapons like the flare gun, the Dark Sight ability, and other quality of life updates.

Ever since Hunt: Showdown hit Steam Early Access back in February of this year, developer Crytek has been diligently supporting the multiplayer FPS. The developer have released Update 2, the second huge content update for Hunt: Showdown that adds new weapons, and new Dark Sight mechanic, and some improvements to the multiplayer experience.

On the equipment side of things, Hunt: Showdown players will now have access to a bear trap, hive bomb, and flare pistol. Two new traits have also been added. The Beastface trait makes animals less likely to react to you, while the Tomahawk trait lets players throw axes, knives, and sledgehammers.

When it comes to Dark Sight, players will now be able to see enemies all across the map for a short period after killing a boss. This feature was implemented to be a counter to camping.

When it comes to the quality of life improvements for multiplayer, Crytek has implemented several features requested by Hunt: Showdown’s community. This includes now being able to loot dead hunters, watch the game via a death screen after one’s killed, and friend another Hunter on Steam during of after a match.

DualShockers actually had the chance to check out all of this new content at E3 this year; you can check out our preview for this new content. Hunt: Showdown is currently available on PC via Early Access.