Hunted: The Demon's Forge Digital Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

By Jon Ireson

August 16, 2010

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge gets some digital goodies today at North American retailers via Pre-Order, and at European and Australian retailers soon as well. Armor, weapons, and more will be awarded to players who put down for the title before release and depending where they choose to spend their bucks, these bonuses will differ. This game from publisher Bethesda Softworks has no release date currently announced but will be available on Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 when it does drop. Check out the details and screens after the break.

The Darkset and Griffin packs, which contain in-game items focused on armor and weapons, are offered exclusively through GameStop and Best Buy respectively.

The Darkset pack, available when you pre-order through GameStop and, contains:

  • Caddoc’s Darkset Armor – exclusive shoulder armor for Caddoc
  • Caddoc’s Darkset  Axe & Shield – exclusive Darkset Axe and Shield used by Caddoc
  • E’lara’s Darkset Armor –exclusive magical artifact which improves E’lara’s magical abilities
  • E’lara’s Darkset Light Sword –  exclusive Darkset Light Sword used by E’lara

The Griffin pack, available when you pre-order through Best Buy and, contains:

  • Caddoc’s Griffin Bracer – exclusive magical artifact which improves Caddoc’s magical abilities
  • Caddoc’s Griffin Maw Crossbow –  exclusive crossbow used by Caddoc
  • E’lara Griffin Hide Armor –exclusive armor used by E’lara
  • E’lara’s Griffin Claw Bow –  exclusive repeating bow used by E’lara

The Demon and Assassin packs, available through, Walmart, Direct2Drive and Steam, include content found in Crucible, Hunted’s customizable dungeon creator system.

The Demon Pack, available when you pre-order through and Direct2Drive, contains:

  • Demon Boss–Demon boss unlocked in Crucible
  • Demon Level – Demon boss level unlocked in Crucible
  • Annuvin – Annunvin character skin unlocked after completing the campaign
  • Notch Axe – Caddoc’s notch axe unlocked

The Assassin Pack, available when you pre-order through Walmart, and Steam, contains:

  • Assassin Boss – Assassin boss unlocked in Crucible
  • Assassin Level – Assassin boss level unlocked in Crucible
  • Seriphine – Seriphine character skin unlocked after completing the campaign
  • Assassin Bow – E’lara’s Assassin bow unlocked
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