Hunted Will See Sequel if Sales Allow

Hunted Will See Sequel if Sales Allow


Although Bethesda’s much anticipated fantasy action title Hunted: The Demon’s Forge has yet to hit store shelves, developer inXile assures us that the game will turn into a series if it sees enough commercial success. Matt Finley, founder of inXile, explains this line of reasoning:


“It really comes down to the simple fact that does Hunted sell well enough to warrant more of them? If Hunted is very very successful I think you’re going to see more of them. If you see more of them then anything is possible: doing one fast and furious with the tech that we have or switching to id Tech 5 – we’re open to anything.

The business has just become that way. It’s not a negative, it’s just a fact of life and a reality. You look at what happens with television shows and they’re getting cancelled after one episode. It’s expensive!”

It’s pretty much common knowledge that a game that sells exceptionally well will in fact get at least a second game. Sadly, the reality is just as harsh for games that don’t sell so well, even those that find great success from a critical standpoint.

With a name like Bethesda on the box, I think Hunted has little to worry about in terms of sales success. Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is set to release June 1st for HD consoles and the PC. Hit the source for info on the game’s “Crucible” community feature.

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