Hunter x Hunter Author Shares His First Drawing After Announcing his Comeback

Hunter x Hunter is coming back with four new chapters.

May 25, 2022

Hunter x Hunter author, Yoshihiro Togashi, announced that he is now working on the next four chapters of the manga series. The last chapter of Hunter x Hunter came out in 2018, so after almost four years, the manga is coming back from the hiatus.

Togashi confirmed his comeback through his official Twitter account. Obviously, at first, everyone refused to believe that they’ll get new chapters of a manga series that had been on hiatus for so long. However, One Punch Man creator, Yusuke Murata, confirmed that it’s the legend Togashi himself who made that Twitter post.

The announcement of Hunter x Hunter’s return is probably one of the biggest news for the community in a long time. The entire manga community went crazy after Togashi’s tweet went viral, so it’s no surprise that the mangaka’s account got more than 1.3M followers in less than 24 hours. Well, there’s something else that Togashi posted on Twitter to confirm that he is already working on the following chapters of Hunter x Hunter.

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Yoshihiro Togashi Gives Us a Glimpse of an Upcoming Hunter x Hunter Chapter

A few hours after making the announcement, the mangaka shared a picture of one of the panels he is currently working on. Now, you would imagine that the picture features one of the Hunter x Hunter characters, such as Gon or Kurapika. Sadly, that isn’t the case; instead, the new post features the drawing of a tree.

Of course, this drawing of a tree may not seem exciting to some fans, that’s because it doesn’t give away much about the upcoming chapter’s plot. However, millions of HxH enthusiasts can’t hold back their excitement after witnessing Togashi’s first drawing after his comeback, especially because it beats the “Hunter x Hunter will never come back” allegations. Moreover, even if it’s just a tree, we can still see Togashi’s distinctive art style in the panel, which gets us even more thrilled about the manga’s return.

That said, we can’t say when Togashi plans on releasing the following chapters of Hunter x Hunter. But since the mangaka is already working on the manga, we can expect a new announcement soon. Also, as Togashi is now very well active on Twitter, be sure to follow him to get all the latest info around Hunter x Hunter’s return.

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