Hunting the Thing Won't Help You Land Ramona Flowers, But it Can Get You Some Pretty Cool Swag

If you’ve been playing Neverdie Studios’ The Thing MMO, this weekend will present opportunities to win collectibles and props from the 1982 John Carpenter film — a parka worn in the movie or a pair of bloodied slacks from the shoot — collectors’ editions of said movie or in-game items like flamethrowers and armor.

The game community, located at, convenes in the ROCKtropia hub area. After entering the ROCKtropia Hyperplex, players can team up and take on missions in an Antarctic environment, much like the one where Kurt Russell and Mary Elizabeth Winstead have faced off against the title’s eponymous villain. Of course, these are all promotional tie-ins to the new The Thing film, which is a prequel to Carpenter’s.

A special game event entitled “Hunt The Thing” will begin Oct. 31. Players will search for NEVERDIE, whose helicopter crash lands and is in need of supplies. Hints are posted on the new movie’s Facebook page as well as ROCKtropia’s Twitter feed. Players may choose between the soldier and scientist classes, both of whom possess specialized skill sets. Winners take home the prizes we’ve mentioned, as well as in-game items accessible only through the Hunt The Thing event.

The game runs on the CryEngine 2 and is free to play. Check out the latest trailer below.

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