Dungeon Crawling RPG ‘Hyakki Castle’ Gets New Trailer and PC Release Date

Dungeon Crawling RPG ‘Hyakki Castle’ Gets New Trailer and PC Release Date

Hyakki Castle shows it's unique dungeon crawling systems in gameplay trailer along with new screenshots.

Happinet revealed that their dungeon crawling RPG Hyakki Castle will launch on PC-via Steam on November 15.

Hyakki Castle is a real-time dungeon crawling RPG that features 3D dungeons and enemies. Players will explore a large haunted castle in order to battle against creatures from ancient Japanese literature.

Hyakki Castle contains some unique systems, such as, allowing the player to split up their party of four into 2 separate groups so they can either strategically surround an enemy or explore different areas of the dungeon at the same time. Furthermore, the game contains Ukiyo-e style graphics, which is inspired by famous ancient Japanese scrolls and artists.

The new trailer focuses on showing some scary looking enemies as well as a preview of the gameplay. Additionally, players get to see the game’s aforementioned party split system. Also, there are character customization options that allow player to use unique skills as well as equip their party with various weapons and spells.

It’s interesting to see the party split system being using in a dungeon crawler, a genre that rarely receives any drastic changes to the core mechanics. Given the opportunity to flank enemies or cover more ground at one time is a system that I’d like to see used more.

You can check out the new trailer and new screenshots below: