Hydrophobia claimed by Microsoft

on March 26, 2010 7:56 PM

Dark Energy Digital revealed this morning that Microsoft will publish the watery action game, Hydrophobia, as an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive. This kind of comes out of the blue, because last anyone heard about Hydrophobia was in October 2009 when it was said to be an episodic XBLA series.

A question being asked is “Will it be episodic still?” Which the latest press release did not touch on. Another thing that the press release didn’t mention was a date for the game’s arrival. What we do know is that it features a flashy HydroEngine, which hypes up the fact that it makes water look and behave realistically. So water will be a huge part of the game, including the action and puzzle sequences.

The story is a unique one that takes place in a near futuristic society where the world has become over-populated and elite inhabitants have fled to a ship entitled “The Queen of the World” wherein they work on a solution for the overcrowded planet. While they’re working on the solution, the ship is hit by a terrorist attack and the player finds themselves caught in the middle. The player must fight their way out of the sinking ship while attempting to solve the mystery behind the attack.


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