Hyper Knights Charges onto Steam with a New Launch Trailer

Hyper Knights is an overhead third-person hack-and-slash game, and just launched on Steam with a release trailer and screenshots.

on May 21, 2017 4:53 PM

Hyper Knights is an arcade adventure hack-and-slash title developed and published by Endless Loop Studios.

The game features a ton of things to do like:

  • Cut down hundreds of enemies
  • Command hundreds of minions
  • Recruit allied Knights to your cause
  • Upgrade your skills and learn powerful combos
  • Defend your lands from enemy attacks
  • Duel enemy Knights
  • Siege their castles and take back your land!

Hyper Knights seems to have a sort of over the top, Dynasty Warriors feel to it. You’re immensely more powerful than a lot of the enemy units.

Fans of hack-and-slash might find this one worth checking out, since its asking price is only $5 USD. You can check out some screenshots from the game, as well as its launch trailer down below.

You can purchase Hyper Knights for PC, Mac, and Linux right now by clicking here.

Jordan Boyd is a Staff Writer at DualShockers, specializing in indie games, RPGs and shooting titles. He's majoring in journalism at Stony Brook University on Long Island. During the 7th console generation, Jordan faced a crippling blow with the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines that scarred him for life.