Hyper Light Drifter Will Hit Mac and PC Next Week

on March 22, 2016 3:49 PM

The lengthy Kickstarter campaign for Hyper Light Drifter, the flashy action RPG from Heart Machine, is coming to a close, as the official release date for PC and Mac has been updated. The team is working with a strict cut-off date of March 25 for development, with the game coming on March 31.

A new trailer shows off the game in action, and teases the console version for a later 2016 release. The game’s Linux version was given a brief update as well:

I’m sure we’ll get this question, so I’ll head it off at the pass: we are still working out some final kinks on the Linux build; we still plan to launch it at the same time as PC and Mac, though there’s the possibility of needing a bit of extra time. So far it’s looking good, and like it’ll be out in time. We’ll keep everyone posted on this subject.

Check out Hyper Light Drifter in action in the brand new trailer below:

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