Hyper Universe Officially Launches on PC Later This Month

Hyper Universe Officially Launches on PC Later This Month

Cwavesoft and Nexon America's free-to-play side-scrolling brawler Hyper Universe releases for PC through Steam on January 17th, 2018.

Independent Studio Cwavesoft and Nexon America announced that their free-to-play action brawler Hyper Universe will be launching on PC through Steam on January 17th, 2018. A new trailer was revealed celebrating the announcement.

With the game’s official release, a few changes and additions will be available via a content update. Included will be new interactions, team compositions, and six new Hypers — Tae’guk, Sonya, Perseus, Han, Camilla, and Gulunba — bringing the total amount of playable characters to 41. The launch will also see some balance changes focusing on individual performance as well as team play.

Hyper Universe will include monetized items, but will only include Hyper skins. Prices will vary depending on how much time and effort was put into the cosmetic — a post on the game’s blog gives the example of skins featuring different voice over would cost more. Hyper skins will range between $6 and $13, with most of them priced at $10.

Lastly, players can unlock in-game rewards when the game launches by sharing the new trailer via the Hyper Universe Facebook page. 150 shares will yield one Hyper coupon; 250 will yield three coupons; 400 will yield one skin coupon.

Hyper Universe originally released on Steam Early Access in August. General Manager of Nexon America Jungsoo Lee stated that since then, the development team has “carefully reviewed all player feedback” and they “eagerly await their response when it goes live.”