2D Fighting MOBA Hyper Universe Blasts Its Way onto Steam Early Access

2D Fighting MOBA Hyper Universe Blasts Its Way onto Steam Early Access

CWAVESOFT has announced that its MOBA/2D Fighter Hyper Universe has released on Steam Early Access with an early adopter's discount.

Looking for a new MOBA? There’s certainly no shortage of them these days, but how about trying one with a bit of a gameplay twist? South Korean indie developer CWAVESOFT has announced that its upcoming title combining the MOBA genre with the 2D fighting genre, Hyper Universe, has come to Steam Early Access.

Hyper Universe has combined two seemingly unrelated genres to create a game that pits players against one another in all-out 2D battle. Using a two-handed keyboard, a Logitech, Steam, PS4, or Xbox One controller, scroll through the game’s levels with your chosen hero (of which could be one of six classes) to defend your outpost or dominate the competition’s.

When Hyper Universe gets its full release, it will be a free-to-play title, but while in its Early Access period, it will cost $15.99. If you decide to purchase the game before August 28, you can receive $6.08 (about 38%) off as part of the game’s Early Access launch promotion. By purchasing the game’s Early Access version, you will receive all 24 Hypers (playable characters) that are available in the game, a value of about $115 when the full game launches.

For more information on Hyper Universe, you can visit the game’s official website or its Steam page. Want a little more of an introduction before diving into Hyper Universe? Below, you’ll find a handy little video that explains what the game is all about.