Hyperkin’s Game Genie for PS3 to Debut Tomorrow

on July 16, 2012 8:16 PM

What a blast from the past. After a successful exhibition at E3, the Game Genie: Save Editor for PS3 will be released tomorrow, July 17th. The Game Genie: Save Editor for PS3 is a game enhancement device that allows players to write modifications directly onto their save files with their PC and transfer them back to their PS3.

The Game Genie comes in a USB drive containing the setup program. Users install the program onto their PC and use the USB drive to transfer save files between the PS3 and the PC Users can pick enhancements from a continuously updated database of cheats that can unlock maximum ammo, money, as well a variety of other power-ups. What a nostalgia trip, the game genie hasn’t been a thing for ages, and most companies sell powerups as DLC now. It’s interesting to see the Game Genie back in the mix.

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