HyperParasite Cinematic Trailer Teases Character Possession

Check out the cinematic trailer for HyperParasite as the game progresses to its April launch.

March 16, 2020

Hound Picked Games has revealed a brand new animated, cinematic trailer for the upcoming HyperParasite. The game, developed by Troglobytes Games is to launch next month and will allow players to take control of a mystical being that has the ability to possess the bodies of those it sees fit.

The cinematic trailer shows off the alternative 80s style universe that the player embarks across, as well as introducing a bloke sporting a mohawk who finds himself coming against the smokey protagonist. The possession takes place by entering the mouth hole, which then finds the bloke being used for the parasite’s violent needs. There’s also a second possessed character that comes into the scene, a nod to the games co-op mode.


You can find the trailer below which shows off the cinematic before jumping into a gameplay trailer, similar to the one we saw back when the release date was officially announced.

HyperParasite is a twin-stick shooter that allows players to possess over 60 characters, making use of their unique skills and attacks. The game has 5 acts to fight through, all of which are procedurally generated and contain secrets to locate. The 3D pixel-art that breathes 80s aesthetics is also accompanied by a synthwave-themed soundtrack by Van Reeves and Joe Kataldo.

Players are encouraged to possess the various characters for survival as taking just one shot while playing as the hostless parasite leads to permadeath unless you’ve found upgrades.

HyperParasite is available for pre-order and is slated to launch next month on April 3. It’ll be heading to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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