HyperX Announces a Limited Edition Gold Color for Cloud Alpha Headset

HyperX Announces a Limited Edition Gold Color for Cloud Alpha Headset

HyperX's popular gaming headset the Cloud Alpha is getting a new color scheme in the form of an alluring gold and black design for a limited time only.

HyperX has announced via press release a limited edition version of its highly popular gaming headset the Cloud Alpha.

According to the manufacturer, the Cloud Alpha will now come in two colors: the standard red with black as well as the elegant and vibrant gold and black design. However, stock for this version of the Cloud Alpha, better known as the Cloud Alpha Gold Edition is limited to what is available on the official HyperX store, so once the product is sold out, it is gone for good.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a multi-platform gaming headset with a 3.5mm audio jack. Aside from being a versatile peripheral, several other noteworthy features that make this product so popular among the gaming community is its dual chambers, which divide the bass from the mids and highs, to provide a crispier sound. The trademark memory foam padding, an aluminum frame as well as a detachable braided cable. On top of that, the HyperX Cloud Alpha’s detachable (and noise-canceling) microphone has certifications by both Discord and TeamSpeak.

As stated earlier in this article, the HyperX Cloud Alpha Gold Edition is available exclusively on the official HyperX website for $99.99. For a closer look at the headset, check out a few images of the product below this article.