Hypnospace Outlaw is Hacking its Way to Nintendo Switch

Hypnospace Outlaw, a game about moderating an alternate pre-2000's version of the internet, is coming to Switch August 27

August 18, 2020

Today’s Nintendo Indie Showcase may not have had Metroid Prime 4 (again, unbelievable), but it did show off some of the exciting indie titles heading to the mobile console soon, including Hypnospace Outlaw.

Initially released in March of 2019, Hypnospace Outlaw was developed by Tendershoot and published by No More Robots, the publisher behind titles like Descenders and Yes, Your Grace.

Hypnospace Outlaw may be a strange title to see on the Switch, just because of its subject matter. As a love letter to the early days of the internet, players take the role of a moderator for the creator of Hypnospace, an alternate-history version of the web. The role is simple – dole out internet justice one bit a time. Players will have to police illegal content, copyrighted materials and viruses all while making sure they don’t end up with a bug in their own system. Of course, they have to look out for trolls and cyberbullies too. Yes, even before 2000 the internet had trolls. Alternate reality or not, they’re a kind of constant.

But moderating the content other folks are throwing into the Hynospace is only half the fun – the other is actually navigating around. User interfaces in the early days of the internet weren’t that friendly, and that carries over to Hypnospace Outlaw. Players will have to solve puzzles just to get to the next webpage, then do some good old fashioned detective work to find out who’s been breaking the rules.

Hypnospace Outlaw has been well received since its launch, with all its reviews on Steam leaning overwhelmingly positive.

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Hypnospace Outlaw launches August 27 on Switch, but you can pre-purchase the game or download a demo from the Nintendo E-Shop later today.

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