Hyrule Warriors Boss Pack Dated for North American Release This March

on February 17, 2015 7:57 PM

The fourth and final download content pack for Hyrule Warriors is due out in North America next month and will be the Boss Pack, as listed on the official website for the game.

The Boss Pack will include two new game modes for players to get to grips with as well as offering the opportunity to unlock some new costumes to dress up the digital heroes in.

  • Boss Challenge – Challenge yourself in relentless battles against giant bosses to unlock new costumes for Link, Zelda, and Lana.
  • Ganon’s Fury – Play as Ganon, rain chaos and destruction upon the battlefield, and unlock new costumes for Ganondorf and Cia.

So when will you be able to buy and download this latest DLC to your Wii U? March 12th if you live in the United States. There’s no word on the release date for other territories, but keep checking back and we’ll keep you updated.

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