Hyrule Warriors New V-Jump Scan Gives Details On Enemies and More

on June 22, 2014 8:04 PM

Yesterday V-Jump released their latest issue in Japan and inside it contained a two page special for Hyrule Warriors. The first page of the scan gives some information about the enemies who will stand in your way.

Shia is an evil witch with the desire to rule the world, Wizuro is a wizard who carries the power of darkness in a ring and Valga is a warrior who formed a contract with Shia and traded his heart for power.

In the second page there isn’t much to go on other than the game starts by having Link charging straight into battle after he sees demons suddenly appear attacking the princess. Impa, who is like an older sister to the princess, comes along to aid Link on his journey to save Princess Zelda.

Hyrule Warriors

[Translation: Tim Roy] [Typeset: Dai Bowery]