Hyrule Warriors Shows Us Four New Characters in These Brand New Screenshots

on June 26, 2014 8:13 PM

Hyrule Warriors introduces us to even more characters. This week we have screenshots for Lana, Agitha, Zant, and Argorok, who will be joining the ever growing cast of the Dynasty Warriors/Legend of Zelda crossover title.

Lana is a witch who makes use of different barriers to attack and defend. She is very quick on her feat and with her spell book it appears that she can stun enemies.

Agitha from Twilight Princess makes her debut on the Wii U. She makes use of many different bugs in her moveset, and keeps their area lit with their bright presence.

Zant is a crazed new enemy character that uses two swords to fight. He can use magic and physical attacks in unison to take your characters down.

Argorok is the armored new enemy that uses fire and wind to attack his foes. This dragon can get around quickly and dispose of his enemies with his uncontrollable nature.

Screenshots of all of these new characters, as well as the Twilight Earth from Twilight Princess, and the Moon from Majora’s Mask can be seen below.

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