I Am Alive Not Coming to PC Due to Piracy and Complaining

By John Colaw

November 24, 2011

I was personally very excited to see that I Am Alive was still scheduled for release, as I was very excited at the concept: particularly some of the things it’s aiming to do that haven’t been done very often if at all. However I’m also primarily an Xbox 360 gamer (mostly due to being too poor to be able to afford a PC capable of playing any decent looking recent games), so I didn’t really take much notice when it wasn’t announced for PC. The creative director for the game blames two targets, one of them being the familiar Greater Demon: Piracy. Keep reading to see why only the initial blame goes to piracy and who the other target is. I’ll give you a hint…it’s you.

While neglecting a particular platform is nothing new, however his claim is that the effort required to port the game to the PC compared to the amount of people he feels will buy it isn’t worth the time or money. However, since he’s also noted that the PC community has been particularly vocal about their dismay to see the game not headed to their platform and is calling them out as people just looking to complain and wouldn’t buy the game one way or the other.

To call piracy out as a reason not to develop your game for the PC is fair enough, I find it odd to basically call everybody complaining a bunch of liars.

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