I Am Jesus Christ Drops a Very Special Christmas Trailer and New Screenshots

I Am Jesus Christ Drops a Very Special Christmas Trailer and New Screenshots

I Am Jesus Christ gets a brand new trailer depicting the famous Christmas nativity scene, as well as brand new screenshots and key artwork.

Last year I reported on I Am Jesus Christ, an actual real videogame that chronicles Jesus Christ’s journey as laid out in the New International version of the Bible’s New Testament. Now the studio behind the game, SimulaM, has released a brand new Christmas themed trailer which depicts the famous nativity scene — just in time for the holiday:

SimulaM also put out new key art and screenshots for I Am Jesus Christ, as well as a Steam page link in which players can wishlist the game from. Those interested in supporting the project can sign up to receive notifications for when the Kickstarter page goes live in early February. You can check out images in the gallery below:

According to the official description of the game: “I am Jesus Christ will give players the chance to interact with a cast of over 60 Biblical characters and perform over 30 miracles including feeding the masses and resurrecting the dead. The game takes place in a highly detailed, beautifully crafted faithful recreation of the Holy Land including the City of Jerusalem and the Galilee region where Christ spent so much time spreading the gospel’s message and performing miracles.”

While religious themed games are old hat in the industry, the more popular titles tend to either show Christianity in a tongue-in-cheek manner — like the marriage scene in Days Gone — or in a more negative light such as the in Shin Megami Tensei franchise. So for variety’s sake, it’s unique to see gameplay of the famous events completely straight. And judging from the reactions of gamers since the original 2019 trailer reveal, at the very least it garnered plenty of interest. Now whether that interest carries over into actual sales is another question.

While there’s no official release date, I Am Jesus Christ is slated to launch sometime in 2021.