I Am Setsuna Confirmed for Nintendo Switch Launch

I Am Setsuna Confirmed for Nintendo Switch Launch

The 2016 JRPG from developer Tokyo RPG Factory has officially been confirmed to release alongside the Nintendo Switch system in March.

Originally released last year on PS4 and PC in the West (and PS Vita in Japan only), Tokyo RPG Factory’s RPG love letter I Am Setsuna  brought players back to the SNES-era of classic RPGs, with the title now officially confirmed to debut alongside the Nintendo Switch during its release in March.

Publisher Square Enix has confirmed through a press release that I Am Setsuna will release for the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd, 2017 to coincide with the system’s launch as a digital title, and will also mark the only portable edition of the game available to Western audiences with the Switch’s handheld mode.

Along with the added benefit of portability, the Nintendo Switch version of I Am Setsuna will also include an exclusive PvP battle mode called Temporal Battle Arena as previously announced, where players can compete against others in magic-powered battles.

I Am Setsuna is the debut title from developer Tokyo RPG Factory, which the studio created to evoke the feeling and mechanics of classic RPGs from the SNES era, with the biggest influence being the landmark RPG Chrono Trigger and many others.

I Am Setsuna is available now for PS4 and PC, and on PS Vita in Japan – the title’s Nintendo Switch version will release with the system’s launch on March 3rd, 2017.