I Am Too Stupid For English Country Tune, But I Want It

on November 26, 2011 6:00 PM

Look at the above image; what do you see? If you have absolutely no idea and feel like an idiot for it, no worries; you’re in the same boat as me. That’s a puzzle from English Country Tune, a new game from Increpare, the ridiculously brilliant mind behind such freeware games as line bender and kompression. This time around, you’ll actually have to pay for his collection of warped head-asplosions, and after a vast collection of free games, you should have absolutely no problem with that.

I really wish I could describe English Country Tune, but all I can surmise from the trailer is that it’s a puzzle game where you push blocks and do things, resulting in other things happening. I may have just made myself sound dumber than I’ve ever been, so here’s the trailer after the jump; judge for yourself.

Now do you understand the source of my blubbering idiocy? To describe something like that would probably make me sound like even more of an oaf, and yet through it all, a good part of me wants to confirm that by playing this.

English Country Tune is available for PC, Mac, and iOS devices, so you have punish your brain three or four times over. If you’re not quite ready to fully test your mental capacities yet, there’s a demo for PC and Mac you can enjoy.

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