I Choose You! Minecrafter Reimagines New Mobs as Starter Pokémon

By Natalie Schmidt

October 14, 2021

Minecraft Live 2021 introduces three new potential mobs, and one fan artist thought they bore a resemblance to another important choice in Pokémon.

This year’s Minecraft Live is coming up on October 16th, and with it comes a new set of potential mobs. Introducing the Allay, the Copper Golem, and the Glare, Minecraft will soon be holding a mob vote to see which creature will join the game next.

Along with the vote announcement, Mojang has released more in-depth looks at the three mobs. The pale blue, mossy green, and, of course, copper color palettes reminded one Minecraft fan artist of Pokémon. Redditor shyamadash reimagines the three mob choices as starter Pokémon, drawing a parallel between the two important game decisions.

Minecraft Live 2021 | Announcement Trailer

Minecraft Live 2021 | Announcement Trailer


Redditor shyamadash created some beautifully shaded Pokémon-inspired fan art. Looking at the three new mobs, the connection to Pokémon seems entirely natural, and shyamadash has gone as far as theorizing what types they might be.

The Allay, which will collect more of an item given to it by the player, is represented as a Water/Flying type Pokémon. With blocky, watery appendages and a fan of slender wings, Minecraft’s Allay looks every bit an Alolan Pokémon. Though, one Redditor actually suggested Water/Fairy, which the original artist agreed would fit the little fairy-esque mob better.

Additionally, the Glare is, naturally, a Grass/Ghost type. Grass is a fairly obvious choice for the mossy mob, and Ghost is a fun tie-in to some of the Glare’s abilities. Able to float and detect when areas are dark enough for monsters to spawn, the Glare already looks fairly ghostly.

Lastly, shyamadash portrayed the final new mob as a Fire/Steel type Pokémon. Equal parts robot-y and ancient, the Copper Golem was given a pretty powerful type combination. Though not able to wield fire in-game, it will randomly push copper buttons, adding a bit of RNG to redstone builds.

Overall, all three choices sound like wonderfully fun editions to the game. Though maximum utility may not be the most important aspect for all three mobs, any one of them would add some new flavor that is sure to liven up gameplay.

Following that, viewers will be able to vote for their favorite mob during the live event on October 16th on the Minecraft Twitter. To find more details on the event and the potential new mobs, check out the official Minecraft Live 2021 page.

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