I take on the DJ Hero Leaderboards

I take on the DJ Hero Leaderboards

Ok if you have not been following me on Twitter or the rest of the DualShockers team (@taz8080 or @DualShockers) you have been missing out on the chronicles of my current obsession, which is DJ Hero. I have been affectionately dubbed “DJ Delinquent” by Joel because of my constant playing of this title into the early mornings instead of sleeping, but things have taken a pleasant turn.

Last night I was cruising Twitter while playing DJ Hero and I came across a Tweet from Robert “Prodigy” Paz, you may know him better from WCG Ultimate Gamer fame, where he proclaimed “Currently in top 10 in DJHERO leader boards ;)”. I am not sure why this particular Tweet by Prodigy (or perhaps my lack of sleep) triggered an urge in me to attain leader boards status on DJ Hero but it did.

My quest began last night as I scratched out to the first song by Bobby “Blue” Bland/Connie Price & The Keystones, Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City/Fuzz and Them. As I jumped into Expert I got a hang of the song and ended the night at somewhere around 500 in the the ranks on the Xbox 360 before going to bed. For some reason I could not leave it be and my quest continued on as soon as I got home. Probably about twenty tries in it happened, I banged out 116,368 points and grabbed the tenth spot on the board. I was ecstatic and quickly Twittered my result out with Twitpics as proof, I felt like I had hit a huge game winning homer and was pumped beyond belief.

A normal person would have taken the rush and enjoyed the feeling, but instead I jumped right into it again and then on the very next try I out did myself again and ripped out 123,344 points to grab the number 3 spot! I should be siting at #3 as of 10/30 8PM EST and will continue to try Expert and take spots on the leader boards.

Special thanks to Prodigy for motivating me to kill it and sending me these kind words, “;) get yourself up there dude and ROCK IT!” and this was before he knew I was on the leader board.