I Wanna be a Rock Star: The Rock Band Network Affiliates Program

MTV Games and Harmonix Music Systems now have a “One Stop Shop” for budding musicians who want to have their songs available for Rock Band. The Rock Band Network Affilitates Program is the place with all the tools to make you the next rock star!

The Rock Band Network Affiliates (RBNA) Program is set up to bring better promotion, marketing and production tools to bands who want to get the most out of their Rock Band experience. Bands can now work with affiliate partners who will help users be more successful with music distribution, email marketing, social networking promotions, inventory fulfillment and more. Bands also get the opportunity to receive specials like discounted fees, banner ads, widgets, cross-promotional linkage and more. The RBN music store is an opportunity for bands to release music so it can be available for download and played on Rock Band games. The artists can set a price and receive a royalty of 30% of the retail selling price.

This is another example of the opportunities that gaming provides. Just five years ago I would never have imagined this industry where you could make a cell phone game and get 70% of the revenue or being a musician and getting 30%. I wish more of these critics of gaming can see that career possibilities that this industry offers rather than just focusing on the negative.

So to all of you artists out there, take a look at www.creators.rockband.com to see how you can get your music out there for the masses to download.

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Kirk Williams

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