“I Wasn’t Expecting Facebook,” John Carmack On Oculus Acquisition

“I Wasn’t Expecting Facebook,” John Carmack On Oculus Acquisition

Many fans have expressed doubts about the recent acquisition of the Oculus Rift by Facebook, and it appears that John Carmack is no exception.

Responding to a Tumblr post, he noted the lack of obvious cohesion between the Oculus and Facebook’s own sphere of influence.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Facebook (or this soon). I have zero personal background with them, and I could think of other companies that would have more obvious synergies.

However, he noted that even thought the Facebook acquisition did take him by surprise, Oculus being bought by another company was something he considered as an inevitable part of the business market. He points out that while fans wish that Oculus had remained a solo company, it was unlikely that this would have ever been the case.

There is a case to be made for being like Valve, and trying to build a new VR ecosystem like Steam from the ground up.

VR won’t be like that. The experience is too obviously powerful, and it makes converts on contact. The fairly rapid involvement of the Titans is inevitable, and the real questions were how deeply to partner, and with who.

Last year, Carmack announced that he would be working with Oculus on their virtual reality headset.