Icarus, the Latest Game From Dayz's Creator, Revealed at the PC Gaming Show

Icarus takes survival to space in the latest joint from Dean Hall and his team at RocketWerkz.

Dean Hall is the man behind the incredibly popular survival game DayZ. And now, he and his team at RocketWertz are back for another dive into survival gameplay with Icarus. The game was revealed at today’s PC Gaming Show. It looks and sounds like it could be the next big thing. Give the teaser a look below.

Icarus is a free-to-play, co-op multiplayer that places a premium on survival. You and your friends will drop onto hostile worlds for a limited time as you look to harvest important resources. The most important of which is time, as you can always patch up wounds and repair your equipment. But if you run out of time, it’s all over you.

Hall said on the show that development is pretty far along and they’re hoping to launch next year. The only real hold up seems to be content. They want to make sure they have enough to keep players interested even during the initial period.

What’s most intriguing for me about Icarus is that you play as spacemen capable of traversing the universe to other planets. However, you’re also still wielding a wooden ax to chop down trees. Surely, if the human race has gotten to the point where traveling to other planets is viable, we’ll have something more effective than wood. Maybe the lore explains all this away, but it seemed very out of place in the teaser.

Icarus comes to PC sometime in the near future. Again, Hall says the team is aiming for 2021, so expect much more information in the coming months.


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