Ico Collection HD Remake Screens or Not?

By Jon Ireson

September 3, 2010

Sony has announced their desire to continue pursuing HD remakes of classic PlayStation 2 titles, and many are expecting the Ico Collection (which we would presume to include Ico and Shadow of the Colossus) to be one of the next remakes to grace our PlayStation 3 systems. At a recent Japan developer conference there were showings of an HD Ico, and while it is currently not clear what technology was behind these (whether a full remake or simply an upscale) or whether or not this is indeed the fruits of labor for this project or perhaps just a tech demo, snapshots of this event do give credence and hope to those waiting for this.

If this game was remade not only would long-time fans get to re-experience the title in HD glory but many who have not played it yet will get the chance to do so in today’s standard of graphical prowess. Check out the standard def shots compared to the hi-def ones after the break for comparison.

Ico Standard Def:

Ico High Def:

Ico SD:

Ico HD:

[4Gamer] via [PlayStation Universe]

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