Icons For PlayStation 3 Exclusive Assassin’s Creed III Missions Appearing on Xbox 360

on November 3, 2012 3:17 PM

Are you sick and tired of having to decide between all the different missions and items offered for Assassin’s Creed III depending on what you play it on and where you buy it? The PlayStation 3 version of the game has a few exclusive Benedict Arnold missions meant to lure players to buy for that console. However, some people have noticed that the icons for these missions appear on the map legend in the Xbox 360 version of the game. This means one of two things, either Ubisoft was sloppy when porting the game, or plan to offer the missions later as a paid DLC.

My money is on the latter, with Ubisoft hoping to cash in on more DLC in addition to the Season Pass they’re¬†already¬†selling featuring King Washington. While it could just be a simple goof, many games end up offering their pre-order bonuses as DLC once they’ve matured a bit. Give Ubisoft a few months to get the first season of DLC out of the way and I’m sure we’ll start seeing the Benedict Arnold missions popping up for about $5-10. Oh well, at least it might be an incentive to re-play the game later on.

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