id Software Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary, Fans React and Share Stories

id Software Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary, Fans React and Share Stories

Childhood stories, inspirational game developers, and more fans reflect on the studio's 30 years.

Yesterday marked id Software’s 30th anniversary, originally starting up back in 1991, and still going strong to this day. The studio is well known for a range of classic and iconic titles such as Doom (1993), Quake, Rage, and many more.

“A lot has changed in three decades,” the official tweet read, “but what hasn’t changed is our deep passion for bringing together the brightest and most creative people in our industry to create fun, memorable and engaging first-person shooters.” The message thanked all those who have been part of the studio’s journey, including the founders, developers, publishers, and the players. It also thanked  Zenimax and the Bethesda family.

As such, fans have been congratulating the studio, jokingly asking for things, and sharing stories that have been because of the studio’s influence over the years. One user asked id Software if it could bring back Crash, a playable character who wears armour that’s similar to the iconic Doomslayer armour. She’s available to play in Quake 3 Arena but hasn’t surfaced since. Another user thanked the studio as it was the inspiration that led to them getting into game development.

Another user stated that they don’t know where they’d be without the studio’s games, and that “Without id the gaming industry would be vastly different.” While the below user reflected on the time they had with their dad playing Doom, and how the game has continued to be their favourite games with the more modern Doom Eternal. Another fan expressed the same compliments.

An Italian esports player and world champion commented to say that id Software’s Quake 3 was the game that started their gaming career and thanked the studio. And there are also fans who are inspired by the games that have come from the studio and want to make those steps into the industry in some way.

Of course, some fans may not have had the chance to delve into id Software’s games until more recently, as some fans have admitted to only recently getting into the modern Doom titles, And that’s not surprising seeing as the more modern releases have been available on multiple platforms, including Doom Eternal on the Nintendo Switch. And those with a love for Quake 3 likely picked the game up last year after it went free on the Bethesda Launcher.

The 30 year anniversary of id Software is certainly an achievement, and I’m sure I speak for a large part of the video game community when I say we’re excited to see what else is on the horizon. Could there be another Wolfenstien in the future? Maybe another Doom? Whatever the case, the studio doesn’t look to be going anywhere.