#IDARB Coming to PS4 “Eventually”, Crossplay is a “Maybe”; New Game Modes or Maps Being Worked On

#IDARB Coming to PS4 “Eventually”, Crossplay is a “Maybe”; New Game Modes or Maps Being Worked On

Ever since the curiously titled (though twitter friendly) #IDARB released exclusively on the Xbox One console, players of other systems have been rightfully envious about the lack of #IDARB in their lives.

For those not in the know, #IDARB is an online multiplayer e-sport game. It’s hard to describe while doing it justice, but image a 2D game of football (the real one, not with hands,) played by a bunch of 2D players who jump around platforms while trying to get the ball into the goal of the opposing team. Yeah, doesn’t sound like much but if you do a quick run through Youtube you’ll get a better sense of the frantic fun that defies words.

The good news is that PS4 owners will be able to get their hands on #IDARB eventually, according to one of the developers who also suggested that crossplay is a “maybe” and that it would require a good time investment on their end.

It’s pretty sweet news for PS4 players who’ve missed out on #IDARB, so hopefully we’ll get to see the fast-paced bonkers sport game on the system sooner than later. Then there’s some good news for those who are already blessed with #IDARB’s prescense; there’s more incoming! When asked by a fan on Twitter as to whether there would be new maps or game modes, the developer revealed that they are working on “it” without defining what “it” is.

It could be a new map, a new game mode or even both, so be on the lookout for more updates from us soon.