Idea Factory Reveals VVVTune, an Action RPG Part of the Neptunia Franchise (Updated)

The fact that VVVTunia, the next Neptunia game, is based on VTubers, is the least surprising thing of 2019.

After opening a teaser site and publishing a short teaser video through it, Idea Factory revealed the next game in the Neptunia franchise. It’s titled VVVTune in Japan and is coming to PS4 in 2020. The game’s title will probably be localized as VVVtunia to be in line with past games. The teaser video, which shows Neptune as a Vtuber, is included below.

Note that the information we have now comes from Dengeki PlayStation magazine’s official preview and leaks. The game will be fully revealed through Famitsu and Dengeki tomorrow, and Famitsu might reveal VVVTune is coming to other platforms like Switch too. Update: Famitsu confirmed through its magazine preview VVVTune is a PS4 exclusive coming in Japan in 2020 and released some screenshots.

Here’s everything we learned via Dengeki PlayStation:

VVVTune is a spinoff and an action RPG starring Neptunia characters and new characters called Mewtral, a six-person virtual idol unit. For now, the two Mewtral characters revealed are Yuu and Mii, the two girls seen at the front of the key visual above.

VVVTunia‘s story is about how a planet called Emo is about to be destroyed by the “Anti” (what internet haters are called in Japanese). The queen of the planet, Fair, decides to summon saviors from another dimension. They are Neptune, Noir, Blanc, Vert, and the Mewtral members Mii and Yuu.

The characters will have different systems too. The four goddesses have FPS-like gameplay, while the Mewtral characters will have “continuous action” systems, which should mean more traditional action RPG gameplay.

The Anti enemies have names such as Airbuu, Armor Golem, Fakebook, Sumaho Horn, etc. These are all dumb puns referencing various Japanese internet slang and current internet things.

Jin/Shizen no Teki-P, known for his Vocaloid songs called the Kagerou Project, is handling the OST of VVVTunia.

Personally speaking, I couldn’t care less about the Neptunia franchise. VVVtune will celebrate Idea Factory’s 25th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of the Neptunia series. Ten years later, I’m still amazed the series didn’t die with its first games and how bad they were. The series might have slightly improved now, I’ll never get its appeal, especially with how meta and deep it tries to be but ultimately stay superficial.  Many other Japanese works did the same thing better in the past. Considering the way the Neptunia series worked until now, I’m not the tiny bit surprised the next game is based on Virtual YouTubers. It’ll probably be full of tongue-in-cheek and snarky jokes about the fad and it’ll be enough for some to hail the game as a meta and comedy masterpiece. Yes, I’m biased against the nep.

The previous Neptunia game we got was Super Neptunia RPG and I heard it was terrible. Neptunia characters are also part of Idea Factory 25th anniversary mobage Mega Miracle Force.

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