Ideas for Third DLC and Expansion for Dragon Age II Incorporated Into Inquisition

on February 12, 2014 3:12 PM

Dragon Age series lead writer David Gaider frequently answers fan question on his personal Tumblr page. Today he was asked if any plans were made for additional Dragon Age II DLC.

Mister Gaider said that there were indeed plans for a third DLC which took place after the second one, Mark of the Assassin.

There was a third DLC originally planned, which would have followed MotA. Then that got incorporated into the DA2 expansion, which was later canceled in favor of putting that development time into a bigger and badder DA3 (that which has become Inquisition).

While parts of the DLC and expansion have been carried over to Dragon Age: Inquisition, some parts will never see the light of day.

I can’t really talk about the expansion (or the third DLC), since big chunks of both have become part of Inquisition. The only parts of those which are gone forever are the parts that dealt directly with the DA2 followers or with Hawke’s personal arc.

He went on to say that about half of the ideas they had for stories about Kirkwall (the city where most of Dragon Age II took place in) were scrapped during the planning stages and were never actually worked on. He says there is no real point of discussing these ideas other than to “engender some ‘what might have been’ bitterness.”

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